Thursday, July 17, 2014


Gracie, you came into our lives to inspire us.
You learned to sit.
You learned to walk on a leash.
You brought us joy.

Even though you were timid and a tad anxious,
you gave love.
You adjusted quickly and soon claimed the "toy box" as your bed.
God showed me resilience through a small soul whose heart is not.
You truly lived up to your name.

May your new home be filled with love. And may you teach others as you have subtly taught me that love is not just expands more and more. You are true Grace, my sweet girl.

She is Grace among the chaos.

Gracie girl, I hope you have a wonderful life with your new forever home. You'll always be right my heart


  1. Wonderful tribute to a sweet little creature. May all pets find joy and love in well deserved forever homes! Bless you for this post and your generous spirit, honey! :) Katooshie

  2. Aww! I wish I could foster, I don't know that I would ever be able to let go, I love animals so very much! Bless your heart for being strong and kind enough to take care of them while they need it!


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