Monday, July 14, 2014

vacation from Facebook

I am reading a book called Ready Player One. It is for readers in the late 30's and above who remember all the geeky movies from the 80's and who remembers a real, live arcade. The book is all about a high school boy who is chasing after an "easter egg" in a virtual world. All his time is spent with other people inside this world and he is home ordering food online and hasn't left his apartment for 6 months in a race against others to find the egg. I so need this book….for two reasons really….for absolute fun entertainment and to realize that this thing we call Facebook is playing too big of a roll in my own world. I'm beginning to wonder --- if it isn't on Facebook ….did it really happen. The folks who I saw in Muir woods last Friday seemed to be interested in "look at me" shots and being able to post something later on Facebook than seeing the owl right there in front of them. I was right there with them I guess because I immediately took my camera and made a flipagram of my days photos for everyone to see as soon as I could.

Don't get me wrong, there are so many good things about the internet and Facebook but it is time for me to take a few weeks break. I bet the things I do will actually happen without me posting about it. I bet the moments I am still and hear the voice of God inside of me will become louder. I am sure the things I document through words or paint will matter more than the "things I'd post on Facebook about where i've been and ate". I want to matter more than that presence. God is calling me closer to Him. I must make this choice for myself to be still. To listen for what's next.

I am sure the newsfeed will scroll there without me. I am sure I'll miss out on seeing others adventures and meals and beverages. But I must decide what is important now and this break has been calling for a while.

The last time I took a break there were many who were mystified at my absence. You see, I deactivated my account to totally break away. I am not someone who can really do things in moderation. I am working on that….hence this break. But don't fear, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth just because I'm not on Facebook. I am still making art (and probably way more now that the FB distraction isn't in the way) I am still here. hello there….

and…….News coming soon about Primitive Portraits 2!!


  1. This is EXACTLY the mantra I have been chanting lately. I am upset by the importance the virtual world has attained in the lives of so many people. You are very wise, and since you serve as a role model for many, I hope others learn from you in this as well. I recently deactivated my account and then came back on after a break. But I am less inclined to be "all in" on facebook these days, and it feels good, frankly. Enjoy the break, and I expect your "predictions" about your time away will come true!

  2. I've heard of this book. I also really know what you mean - it irritates me so much when I go to my daughters sports day or concerts and all you can see in front of you is row upon row of these screens, ipads, phones - all these parents watching through a screen.

    I did the same as you... kind of, a while back but with a mobile phone. i no longer have one, don't carry one. The shock on peoples faces when they ask for my number and I say I don't have one - like it's inconceivable. I hated people thinking they could contact me at any time of day. Or even worse, having a go at me because I dared (quite often) to forget my phone.

    My word for this year is 'organisation' and as well as my art and my space it means my time online as well. Trying to cut it down, organise it better.

    Have fun Mindy - know I mean it in a totally good way when I say "don't rush back!" ;)

    Carmen x (Long time lurker)

  3. Bravo! Bravo! I could never figure out where people got all the time to be on FB or anything else. I only signed up to keep an eye on my son. Luckily, he has taken the road as me, and doesn't use it much. There are many more interesting things out in the world people are missing. Turning off the internet is like when people used to turn their tv's off for a week. It was amazing what you could get done. Enjoy your journey. I am looking forward to meeting you this Fall at DL!

  4. When I do FB, it's only to see what is going on in my groups. I rarely glance at my feed. I'm afraid whatever you've been posting there, I never see my friend. I think we do get too lost in staring at our smart phones and missing the world around us. I watch The. Big Bang Theory and there was a scene where everyone but the character, Amy was staring at their phone. She said, "can't you just put down your phones so we can have a normal conversation?" And her boyfriend, Sheldon replies, "Thanks to Steve Jobs, we don't have to." I'd be looking at the owl with you, Mindy. Then I'd take a picture of it with my phone too and post to Instagram.

  5. Loved RP1! You should hear Wil Wheaton reading it!

  6. I read that book a while back and really loved it, even though I'm 60 and have never played a video game. What I'm painfully aware of, even more than the facebook obsession, is all the faces I see glued to their phones instead of their friends and loved ones. Makes me so sad.


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