Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I met You

I met you in the silent dusk
your voice only the crickets
your garments on the horizon
beginning in blue, then to lavender,
and then easing so carefully to pink.

I saw you again for the first time.
You reveal yourself in subtlety.
The moon glorifies you....
waking again
praising you in light

You are the birds' song
singing just for me.
You are the tenderness of a deer...
gazing with wonder straight to my soul.

I am born again. "Bathed in Heavenly Light"


  1. Hauntingly beautiful, both the painting and the poetry.

  2. Every evening as I walk my dog along our edge of the woods, I pray and begin by thanking God for another day in this beautiful creation of his. Your words were from my heart. I thank him for the birds, the smells, the deer that I meet. Thank you for putting my heart song into words I can add to my art journal. You said it all and I was deeply moved.

    1. Mary, this is exactly where the words come walking my dogs (i call it my God time too) thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. many blessings, love. xo, Mindy


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