Thursday, September 11, 2014

Latest work

I have been painting every day lately. Getting in the studio is sometimes tough. Maybe the desire wanes. Maybe I'm a bit lazy. But once I fill my water cup and sit down at my painting table, it starts. Not always does it come easy. In which case I make lots of silly scribbles with lots and lots of colored pencils. I really love the faber castell brand. They are a bit more sturdy. The lead is harder. thank you scribbles for allowing me to feel like a kid again and for giving me an outlet for not knowing what the heck to do. It is a start!

Bring Sunshine - original sold

Little Bird - original sold

Oceans of love - original sold
on a hillside tag - sold


  1. this is amazing. I have been avoiding the Studio lately, and then feel guilty about it (yea... I know.).
    You said you are planning a class about your intuitive process and I can't wait to discover what you have to share, I don't know how to plan a painting anymore and love having a peak into the artists I love's process.

    Love you tons

  2. Beautiful, so glad you got back at it!! You have such a lovable style, and loveable characters!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Once I start painting I know I won't be able to leave it alone and I don't know if it's this or the fact I'm a bit lazy that makes me delay getting that water pot filled in the morning! I'm so glad you did do some scribbling to make a start, your artwork is wonderful. xx

  4. these are so beautiful Mindy! And again I thank you for the Sunday Mornings series which opened my eyes to not only your generous spirit and art, but also to connecting art with God.


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