Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birds. and a day off

Today I took a much needed day off from the daily studio/home routine. It was a perfect day for driving! I met up with my sister and mom in Mountain View, AR to grab some lunch and look around at the shops on the square. We had lunch overlooking Sylamore river at Anglar's Cafe. I told my mom and sis that the last time I was there we spotted a bald eagle flying over the river. He proceeded to put on a show for the whole restaurant by soaring and perching on a nearby tree. I hadn't expected to see a bald eagle again on this trip. I wasn't expecting to see any cool birds at all. I was wrong. On the beautiful, winding drive back home....I spotted a Scissor-tailed flycatcher. I have never seen one before. I knew it was somewhat rare for this area. (not as rare as the fork-tailed flycatcher). I couldn't wait to get back home and look through my bird book to see what bird this was!! The determining markings that I definitely remember seeing was the black and white tail. (the fork-tail has an all black tail)

But before I saw this beauty, I spotted two wild turkeys on the side of the road. a beautiful day indeed!


  1. What beautiful birds you saw and what a wonderful day!

  2. Wow! I don't think I have ever seen even a photo of one of these birds. Aren't they fabulous!

  3. When I was a girl I lived in a rather remote area on the Texas coast. The surroundings were mostly fields. They were fairly common and we called them Scissor Tails. They had a distinctive chittering call. This is a wonderful photo.

  4. Hi Mindy, what a treasure of a picture. Wish they flew way up here in Seattle for a visit. Your day sounds wonderful.


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