Friday, October 31, 2014

The business of fixing

I'm not in the business of fixing people
I'm not in the business of fixing you
Where I'm at right now is fixing the part of me that thought I could
I want to and have wanted to so badly in the past that I let myself suffer
Maybe I'm trying to suffer for you
I want to take it all away
I want it to all be better
Because I love you more than anything
The guilt
the worry
the shame
all in not being able to fix your problems

What I am learning and still at odds with myself is
that I have to surrender it all up to God.
He is in the business of the fixing
Oh he does a good job
He does it through problems, the so-called suffering. And the real suffering
He does it through anguish and turmoil
But His specialty is through Love
That is the only truth

Grasp hold tightly to love
Cling to that like your life depends on it
Because it truly does
Embrace your hardships. Because God is working on YOU.
No I'm not going to fix you.....or your problems
Look toward Heaven and your "problems" soon become the best blessing of all

This is only my story. my side. I don't know you inside and out. I don't know every hair on your head. But I know who does. And He is on your side.

All I can do is write. To free myself of the this slavery that I put myself through. Through painting and writing.....Through the Almighty God.....I am free!!


  1. I don't know what this is exactly about but I am sending shit loads of love and of light,

  2. I stopped trying to fix people two months ago, I can't tell you how good it feels to read this today. In a couple of months, I'm beginning to feel less stressed, have lost 10 lbs of worry fat and am able to go for a long walk most days. Be free of it my friend, be free, let it go! I read on Pinterest a quote the other day it read "Fill your heart with what's important and be done with the rest"! To be the best friend, the best wife, the best mother, I need to be free and I am getting there. Thank you for writing about what you are I are both doing. Much love to you. C x

  3. Mindy, I am just reading this now. So beautiful, so powerful, and so true. I have been in that place; the one who wants to fix it. The one who wants everyone to be happy, to be at peace, to just get along. I still desire those things, of course. I still can't stand to see anyone suffer. But, I have learned that my journey is my own. It is between me and my Creator, and so it is for everyone else, too. <3 Love you.


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