Friday, January 9, 2015

Big eyed girls ....Mindy Style

So if you haven't seen the movie, Big Eyes....I highly encourage you to go! It will so inspire you, especially if you are a painter. I have been dreaming of painting these eyes every night. There has been some sort of awakening that I really can't explain.

I have even surprised my Primitive Portraits 3 students with a how to paint a large eyed girl....Mindy style. I of course did not want to copy Mrs. Keane's magical work but who cannot be inspired by such mystery deep set in those eyes. They truly hold something formidable and unexplainable. That is THE reason I love art so much. It has such a power to move, to awaken, yet bring mystery and intrigue.

If you haven't signed up for Primitive Portraits 3 yet, you can still do so ---->> HERE

Here is the project that I'll be teaching you. Dotty.

Also, I have created several of these sweeties and they are available in my shop

You can also find many of them as stickers (and prints, totes, shirts, etc) here in my printables shop


  1. you make it very hard to resist!! I told myself that since I am doing lifebook2015, and Jeanne Olivers Becoming, and looking forward to your part in that one, that I didn`t need to over commit. Still have a few undone classes from last year. But.... I am so in love with your girls, especially these big eye ones, that I am about to cave and purchase. who needs sleep, right?!!! seriously, you are so gifted and I love that you SHINE for HIM in all your work... thank you for opportunities to follow along with you!! Have a great 2015!!

  2. Your big eyed girls are absolutely precious!! I do hope I get to see that movie-it's only playing in very limited theaters in our surrounding area:( Although I haven't seen the movie I was inspired to start painting some big eyes too. Really hoping to get more time and money to take a class with you-I so admire your art.

  3. So sweet. Love your spirit shining through Mindy. xox


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