Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spirit energy

I want to paint something I've never painted before.
I want to make bold brush strokes up against the meandering vulnerable line of charcoal.
I want to make scribble marks from my 3 year old self.
I long to listen and welcome fear only to squash it by pushing forward.
I want to show up every day.
I long to work and muddle and mess it up...only to bear witness to miracles. To discovery.
Embracing fear...kissing it on the cheek goodbye.

There is aliveness in moving paint.
There is awakening and spirit energy.
Dancing together with color.
Creativity overcomes.
It brings light where there was only darkness.
Rainbow reflections in water.
A simple morning
Fleeting but sweet


  1. Loving your combination of art and word inspiration. You should combine that in your next live class. I hope you are coming back to Texas in November for Lucky Star, would love to take another live class with you!

  2. this is so very beautiful Mindy, the words and the art are very moving. Thank you.

  3. The child self is where you seem centered and why your paintings have such a vibrant approach to life, the spirt moves. xox

  4. What an awesome print. I marvel at how He combines creativity with a child-like nature.


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