Sunday, February 15, 2015

Truth has a name

Truth has a name

His Sovereign hands light my journey
This darkness of life, I no longer have to fear

His voice is heard. I the sheep. He the Shepard.
He speaks to me in dreams.
Somewhere in the thin air of sleep and awake-ness the spirit energy is alive
I reach for the words, the images, the closeness
I long to write. I long to paint.

Because of Truth.....
my freedom energy lies still in the grass, Face upturned to the One who sent me.
He knows my name.
He creates in me, Peace.
He creates in me, creativity.
He creates in me, Love.
He creates in me, Hope.
He creates in me, Freedom.

Truth has a name. And his name is Jesus.
For this Truth, I live.
For this Truth, I glorify.
For this Truth, I become more me.
For this Truth, I give.
For this Truth, is the reason I will never truly die.


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