Thursday, March 12, 2015

Art Journaling the Magic at Disneyland

I returned home from a trip to Disneyland last week. I'm still reeling with excitement that I even get to teach at Disneyland!! A dream I never even thought possible until Tangie contacts me in late 2013 with the news that she's putting together a journaling retreat IN Disneyland.

This trip was our 3rd Art Journaling the Magic hosted by my super talented friend Tangie Baxter. I'm so excited to say that we are doing another one later this year! News and a new website is coming very soon so stay tuned!

Tim and I arrived a couple days before the journaling retreat began so that we could have some time to ourselves to play on our own. We soaked up the sun....75 degrees! ... (at home it was snowing.)
We had a blast just laying by the pool and really taking our time savoring each moment of the parks. I made dinner reservations at two restaurants we'd never been to before....Blue Bayou and Carthay Circle.

Blue Bayou is over in New Orleans Square in Disneyland and is inside part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The theming is over the top. The crickets are chirping....I tell ya, Disney goes all out when it comes to the details.

Here are more photos that I took during our trip. I hope you enjoy! and I hope you'll join us for the next Art Journaling the Magic!

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Disney's California Adventure Park

I would wake up to this view of Disney's California Adventure off our balcony.
I loved to see the park start to come alive and the workers busy to create magic.
Then to hear all the screams and laughter was such a treat.
(This room is at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa)

 My own version of Queen Elsa.
It's hard not getting inspired to paint imagery from Frozen.

This is me and my husband Tim before he talked me into riding the swings....
I guess it had been a while since I rode them because I was terrified of slipping out 
the entire time. I can ride just about any roller coaster out there but there was something
fragile and scary about these swings. At least they played the William Tell Overture while we were flung around!!

 loved these Jellyfish girl costumes so much I just had to paint them
(from the Pixar Parade at DCA)
prints available here

 Frozen has taken over parts of DCA

Dinner at Carthay Circle
I had chicken ravioli and the yummiest fried cheesy biscuits.
This restaurant is themed after the theatre that first premiered Disney's first full
length feature film, Snow White.

Marc Davis Ice Queen
These watercolor paintings are what inspired the movie Frozen.

Art in Disneyana Gallery

Ok, so apparently anyone can hop on these old timey cars on Main Street that takes you down to Tomorrowland in style. I had no idea! That's the cool thing about hanging out with Dave and Tangie Baxter.....they know all the little secrets.

this is for you, Sarah!

We are about to do some sketching in our journals while riding It's a Small World! 

so fun!!

Marc Davis inspired "Snow queen"


  1. Sweet art and a good time. I used to love flying swings too, but probably not now. Roller coaster, no. I'll stick to the old timey cars. Another wonderful experience for you it seems. xox

  2. This sounds like a dream. I adore all things Disney and not so much - as in NOT at all - for my sweetie. This would be just the perfect little trip. When pray tell is the next one!/????


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