Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm teaching in Colorado Springs in August

Check it out and register 

nner Radiant Child with Mindy Lacefield

2-day workshop
Aug 19th & 20th  10-5 each day (bring a lunch)
$250 class fee + $10 kit fee 

Join me as we revisit our 7 year old selves and the uninhibited play of creating! We will learn to let go and have fun as we get messy with color and mark making. We will paint intuitively and embrace the mistakes and happy accidents as they happen. Once those mistakes are brought forth we can celebrate and use them as a catalyst for direction. The work begins to speak to us. We react. We respond with quick movements and subtle mark making. We are here to create from a place of not worrying about the outcome. We aren’t bodies creating “something”. We are souls creating what’s inside, that which is wanting so desperately to get out. There is no better medicine and healing than finding yourself in a mark….in a combination of color….in a shape. We will explore and pull out that which you may not have known was inside!

We will play and get our hands messy in paint. My instruction is very intuitive with short break-out demos so that you can have plenty of time to play. I’ll show you specifics like how I paint faces and a couple different ways that you can pose your girl whether she be sitting on a cupcake or standing in a field of poppies.

Student Supply List  
(always check with Blue Twig for availability of supplies)
3-5 12x12” or 10x10” wood panels  (or anything you like working on. journal, watercolor paper, canvas, etc)
prismacolor graphite pencil - 6b or 8b
catalyst wedge - no 6 (gray)
white gesso
black gesso
ephemera - old book pages, song books, old receipts, tissue paper
collage pauge or mod podge - matte
1" foam brushes 
set of brushes - I like hogs hair and dina wakley brushes
gallery neon pastels 
prismacolor colored pencils - a few of your favorite colors will be fine
foam stamps
white paint pen - water based
container for water, paper towels, palette paper (paper plates are fine), apron

paint colors:
any colors you love working with
paynes gray 
matte colors (I love---> green blue light, orange light, brilliant magenta, amethyst, white, sage blue)
heavy body white paint

$10 kit fee includes
stabilo graphite pencil
how to paint a face tutorial
painting prompts tutorial
bleeding art tissue
stamps to share
neon paint to share
quin. nickel azo gold
deli paper
ephemera to share
spray inks and paints to share
washi tape to share
glitter media to share
Mindy Lacefield

Register by clicking this link or calling the shop. Note that this is a traveling teacher, so be sure to register early! 



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