Monday, August 1, 2016

Ginger-baby ornament

Every Christmas season, I create one-of-a-kind ornaments. I thought I'd share with you a sneak peek into my process. The prep work consists of covering the glass ornament in coffee filters with the soft gloss gel. You can use any ephemera that you love, but I just love the thickness of these and how sturdy it makes the ornament. I allow to dry by taking off the cap and sticking them on a brush handle.

Then I coat both sides with heavy white gesso. 
Black would also be very cool!

I sketch out my design with a graphite pencil

adding in facial features

I love this raw sienna color for the base of the ginger baby
adding white to the middle of the body will give depth and dimension

for the gumdrop nose, mix some of the blue glitter and adhere it with the soft gloss gel.

I use the watercolor pencils to add in special details, like this sweet little bowtie!

I use the black oil pastel for the eye color

I use a green or dark color watercolor pencil to outline the ginger baby 

use the soft gloss gel to mix with the white glitter in the abloom set

and yay, you are finished!!

full list of supplies used:
oil pastels 814328
white acrylic paint or sharpie white paint pen (to add the whites of the eyes)
stabilo graphite
coffee filter
raw sienna acrylic paint

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