Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating my 10 year ETSY-versary!!

March marks my 10 year anniversary of selling my art. I remember, seeing that someone had this thing called an "etsy shop" over on the Art Chix studio website (a place for beautiful collage sheets). I had no idea that there was a dedicated website for everything handmade where you could sell your art. I immediately clicked on the link and it literally changed my life. I knew that I wanted to get started right away with selling my art but the thing is, I didn't know what the heck I was (of course I didn't know that then....)

Here are some interesting facts about me and my etsy journey:

  • it took me 3 months before I sold a single thing on etsy.
  • my first sale was a penguin made with oil pastels
  • my third sale was from my mom
  • I didn't have a social media presence back in 2007 (was it even a thing back then?) no blog, no instagram, no FB, zilch, nada....
  • I was a makeup artist and art student at UALR when I first began selling on line.
  • Later in 2009, Etsy featured me in their "Quit your day Job"series
  • In March 2010, I was featured seller on Etsy. (kind of a big deal back was a crazy, fun whirlwind!!)
Here is some of my first faces that I sold:

To celebrate my 10 years, I am having a big sale in my shop
Just enter code at checkout: BIG10ETSY to save 40% on self-paced classes, prints and select originals. Coupon is good through Monday, March 13th.

dolls by Simplijessi and Boopsy Daisy. 
(paintings behind me, mine)

I was on the cover of Somerset Studio in 2010!!!

My advice for others looking to sell their art online:
  • begin! this is the hardest part because it seems so overwhelming with all the steps involved
  • list 1 item a day in your shop. by the time a week is up, your shop is filled with beautiful art
  • of course the item above means that you'll need to paint often. I try to paint everyday to keep the muscle memory strong. if you don't paint for a week, some of the muscle memory can be lost (at least it is for me)
  • don't wait till you have a social media presence, (yes I think things have changed since the early days of etsy and you will probably need to begin thinking of instagram and Facebook but don't let it stop you from beginning)
  • list often and refresh your shop with new art


  1. It's so goooood to read this Mindy, I love that I have been lucky enough to follow your journey almost from the start of your Etsy life (just shy of a year I think), it's been a good long while for sure and times have changed a bunch since then but one thing stays true and that is that I still love seeing every single piece you make. Huge hugs for you
    Micki x

    1. thank you sweet friend! time flies, unh?! so grateful to watch your journey too. you are inspiring, my love...!! xoxo!


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