Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mindy's Art Club Announcement

Starting July 1st, 2018 I will begin my first art club!! A subscription based online class where I'll deliver content every month to keep you inspired and motivated to create. During my creative process, I always make discoveries and this is the perfect outlet for me to share those discoveries with you. We will mostly be working with water media but who knows where the process will lead and what awesome art supplies I'll stumble across. I'll have a "get started" supply list for you but as the months rock on, there may be new things that pop up. And when they do, I'll introduce those to you and give you direct links if you think you may like to work with them. I like to let folks know how they work and you can see them in action before you purchase. 

We will be working quickly with water soluble materials such as watercolor pencils, watercolors, art blocks, and lots of other fun things. This class will help you to keep those creative hangries at bay! A daily practice is so important and I hope to give you a jumpstart into the fundamentals (as we begin) and other challenges and practices to keep you inspired!

Mindy's Art Club will begin July 1st and I will open up registration on that day.

You'll receive a fundamentals pack immediately upon sign up that includes: (this is a one time thing)
  • Basic Face
  • Face shapes for different ages

$19 per month!

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