Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mary Blair is my hero

 The other day I was looking around online for a Mary Blair shirt so that I could wear my love for Mary. But I only found a couple options. I then thought that if I wanted it, maybe I should just create it. I started with a rough pencil and watercolor sketch and brought it into procreate to enhance color richness.

Here is my rough:

I dressed Mary with a floral cape (referenced by a photo I saw of her wearing a similar dress). And a polka dot scarf. What may you ask is her "weapon"?! A masterful paint brush. Her super power is that she is genius #1 and #2 she creates magic from within. Studying her work more and more has really taught me how to use color and to create texture using dry brushing with gouache. Her designs are deceptively simple. I think when you see design work that is this way, it only proves that much thought and lots of hard work were behind it.

 Final design

I thought there may be some of you who are also Mary Blair fans, may want to show your love of Mary. So I created shirt available in my etsy shop. Along with tote bags!

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