Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be Happy

be happy!

how simple a phrase.

once you say it, you are.

to me this phrase signifies that happiness can be a verb.

you choose.

I think my struggle for happiness with my career finally lead me to painting and the arts. I was very UNhappy in several jobs before finding makeup artistry hence leading me into the world of art; painting, brushes, wonderful color. it opened my eyes. i encourage you, if you aren't happy with your career, do something about it, take a class, go to a retreat, take an inspirational walk to clear your mind.
I found this wooden phrase and two little quilt houses in Eureka and it inspired me to think about happiness as an action not simply a state.
BE HAPPY, my friends.......... :-D


  1. Yea, you have a blog now!!!! I'll be checking in often!

  2. You are so inspiring Mindy it makes me cry! :)



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