Monday, July 27, 2009

Sometimes Life Just Stinks

I found out a few days ago that i'm sidelined from running for 3 weeks because of feet problems and when i saw this little doodle from boopsie daisy it made me smile. The little girl just made me think that even though life is good, it can throw you a stinker your way when you least expect it.......:) so then.....i began looking on the bright side! i have my health....i am able to do other excercises,,,,,just not running...big deal. thanks boops for showing me that silver lining like you always do.

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  1. I didn't know you were a runner, Mindy! Gah. Shouldn't come as a surprise though. I've found generally runners seem to be such beautiful people.

    You are such a profoundly joyful human and I heart you so much I can't breathe.

    So sincerely sorry to learn your sad news my love. Please take this down time to kick up those sweet little feet and I'm sure in what feels like no time you'll be back in sync with the wind and feeling yourself while the world blurs around you as you take the road with rested tootsies, rearin' to go!

    Sometimes life stinks, but primarily it smells like a giant garden and for me, that's cause of you.

    I love you so!


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