Monday, October 19, 2009

just breathe......

Perfect words. just breathe. I heard them many times the past four days.....and seriously, it helps. My wonderful teacher, Liz Lamoreux directed the most wonderful group of ladies in this universe. It was an experience like no other and am thankful and blessed for all the ones that are now part of my life. You guys give me inspiration. you make me brave. thanks for bringing your light to me.

My sweet roommate, Gloria is the kindess and most inspirational soul i've ever met. I kid you not, if she lived in arkansas i'm sure we'd be close as sisters. we run. we create. we love life. I love you gloria.


  1. it was heaven meeting you lovely ladies as well. my heart is just overcome with uplifting inspiration and rejuvenation that it just may burst. love you guys! :-) xo

  2. hello to one of the cutest people i have EVER had the pleasure to meet and spend time with! You are so talented and so inspiring! I cannot wait to watch the huge success that is right around the corner for is COMING! I hope you are ready!!!

  3. i am so glad that you were part of this beautiful adventure. thank you for you...

  4. that first photo. perfection. i just keep staring at it. :)

    you are so talented - and it was wonderful to meet you!

  5. mindy, mindy...
    you are the cutest. yes, i said it! i miss your sweet voice. love your photos.

  6. Hey Mindy! Just found you through reading posts about the awesome retreat on the west coast. Wanted to stop in and say your work is gorgeous. I love it and it's really inspiring me today. thank you!


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