Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm getting ready and painting away for the holiday sale at the local gallery that represents me: Gallery26. Oh my studio is such a mess but that means productivity I suppose..... :-)

I'm having a great time making a couple of christmas ornaments.....it will be my first time to take them to gallery 26. they always do a lovely tree that holds the most beautiful and wonderful handmade ornaments. i wanted to be a part of that magic.

On November 5th, i'll be doing a painting demonstration at gallery26 that will incorporating collage and encaustic. Should be fun....but a little nervous. this is my first demo......

I'm already getting into the christmas spirit which is weird for me. I guess after working retail for over 5 years it just puts you in that "bah humbug" mode. but no more. bring it on!!! I think I may even start putting my christmas tree up again. (For those retail years, I couldn't bring myself to put up a tree and its so not like me) That should have been a sign that that job was not the right one for me.

This post seems so random. I guess because of all the stuff thats going on. I just finished a new painting and a cute purse for my mom (x-mas gift). Also a new little tike t'shirt. handpainted :-)


  1. I love your messy studio...GOOD things come from that!!!
    okay...i'm in love with that sweet t-shirt! Sooo cute!!
    i am certain you will do great on your first demo...no doubt about it sister!!


  2. would love to be there, mindy. you are an inspiration and a dear heart

  3. wish i could come to your demo class. i know you will be a hit!

  4. you rock! keep on painting beautiful.

  5. mindy dear..i am super excited for you to do your demo. you are gonna rock girlfriend....& the purse for your mom! to die for cute! lucky mom. can't wait to see your ornaments. missing you

  6. Oh how I wish I could be there to watch you...best of luk and I am sure you will be amazing...love the purse for your mom its perfect...

  7. thanks guys....ya'll make my heart smile. i miss you to pieces.
    the purse is of my mom, me, and my sis :-)

    she likes just about anything i do (that's a mom for ya...) she even has a painting of a big naked man hanging in her living room (an oil painting figure study i did a few semesters ago in college....OMG!!!)

  8. your demo is going to rock! wish I could come!

    I hope you post photos of your ornaments so we can see them too. :)


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