Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabin Fever.......

Yesterday and Today we have been couped up inside because of a layer of freezing rain, layer of sleet, then a layer of snow. Very small amounts of each accumulated but the streets are nasty. (its like a wintry mix lasagna out there)

There's just something about not being able to get out that makes me want to get out more. Why is that?!? I'm normally home all day anyways with only small outings to the craft store or the post office. But right now, I'd kill for some mexican food and the biggest margarita they have.

I have been able to get into the studio a bit and did a pretty intense yoga burn dvd with rodney yee this i'm feeling pretty good. But there IS something about January. Why does it always seem so darn long? I'm so ready for February. There's just something about pinks and reds and the promise of spring a' coming i guess that I just love about february. Love is in the air.

My goal for february is to post more often. Hopefully every other day. Lots of things are a' coming in the months to come. so very excited. Check back Feb. 2nd. - news to be told.:-)


  1. I know what you mean! It's raining out, and I want so badly to go outside, even though I hardly ever do when it is sunny out, haha. I guess we want what we can't have... :)

    I can't wait to hear your exciting news! I love good news!

  2. Oh i'm stuck in with a stinking cold right now, I could do with some yummy mexican food to blast it out of my system!

    I've just started doing yoga again this week after not doing any for 6years...ouch!! lol it hurts but it hurts good! I am also overweight now as well and that is also putting a limit on what I can do (I used to teach hatha yoga for the over 50's so it sucks to start over again, but having kids and a stomach operation will do that for you I guess) I'm glad to be able to have the chance to start over again though, but I have a long road ahead!:)

    I'm looking forward to you blogging more, I'll keep popping in for sure!

    Micki x

  3. Sorry to hear about your lasagna weather, but I guess the good thing about yucky weather is that is helps us appreciate the good stuff, so hang in there - the sun is coming back! LOVE your little cupcake girl!!

  4. I am sorry its so cold there..I cant even imagine what thats like..but my house is your house if you ever want to take a trip to San diego...I love the new paintings..there so pretty..everyday when I do my makeuI look at my swwet girl with her cute shoes..I named her Lucy...I love her..Thank You..I hope we get to be together again at some point...Love you sweet friend...

  5. Just read your article on etsy:Quitting your Day Job -- INSPIRING!

    Came over to take a look at your blog and found a cupcake painting!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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