Monday, February 1, 2010

Stuff i made today

I got into the studio after yoga today and put on elton john. he is my absolute favorite artist of all time. He was the first rock concert I went to back in 2000 I believe...crazy i know. Oh i had been to many other concerts....but all country.

I'm having fun with some new paintings. here are some i finished today. short post. more tomorrow.


  1. Hey, Mindy, I wanted to tell you. I was in Fry's today paging through Cloth, Paper, Scissors (you probably know where this is going!) and wondering if I should buy it. Even though I knew you had an image in there, I totally forgot and was completely taken by surprise when I saw your little sailor boy. I just got excited all over again and, of course, I had to buy it!! So cool!!!

  2. Mindy, wow youve been really busy!! I LOVE these. You are such a master of color and texture.:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow! i don't think i've ever made that many things in one day...or even 1 week!
    and all wonderful!!!

  4. lovin the new stuff sister.
    you have me hangin today!!!
    where's the news?
    can't wait to hear.
    love ya


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