Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deep Freeze

The south has been in a deep freeze this week with lows in the teens at night. But heck, i much prefer this cold than our humid 90 degree weather anyday!! I wanted to make a short blog post to show you what i've been working on. As you may know I have been painting these cute kokeshi dolls usually in girl form but was in a definite birdie mode yesterday due to some collaboration work with Scrap Artist.

I also got some great news which will reveal itself in May!!! I can't wait to tell everyone. other randomness, i've been getting back into yoga of late due to recurring running injuries and did the "biggest loser, yoga for weight loss" yesterday.....and man am i sore today. but in a good way. I'm feeling muscles right now I have never felt. Right now i'm testing out which yoga dvds i like using netflix and will purchase the ones I like best.

Happy Weekend everyone. much love in 2010!!!


  1. mindy...
    i am loving your birds. i couldn't see your stuff on scrap artist? is it there? did you work with danielle on that? that is wonderful. i was in barnes & noble last night and picked up the cloth.scissors.paper and turned right to your happy little sailor! i wanted to hold it up in the crowded coffee area and scream..."hey everyone, this is my friend. isn't she AMAZING!" it was so cool.
    i am so proud of you girl.
    can't wait to see what's coming down the pipeline for you.

  2. ooh...gorgeousness!
    i so love them all!!!

  3. The scrap artist stuff will come out the 1st of february....thank you guys!!! :-)

    yes, with danielle

  4. hAPpy hApPy neW yeAR to you sweet miNdy!

    I've started yoga again too. I've really missed it. I found a power yoga with rodney yee that I really like, I just can't do all of it yet. I'm thinking about going to class again once a week to make sure my postures are correct.

    Your new pieces are just as beautiful as ever and I hope I'm able to snag one of those aceos!

    Can't wait for the may announcement and the scrap artist collaboration!

    sUz :)

  5. LOVE the birdies and all your other special little creations!!

  6. So cool!

    Testing yoga DVDs before buying them .. now that would've been a great idea. Why didn't I think of that myself. ;)

  7. oh wow I am loving all of your little creations!!! am so glad I found your blog.


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