Wednesday, January 4, 2012


phantom rainbows
letting go of energy that drains
and replacing with my bolts of color
realizing that the phantom rainbows
slam, crashing to the earth
instead of easing off in the distance
to nestle among the mist
fading gently along the horizon
i wake to find myself at a small door
too small to wedge my body
somewhere between the chocolate factory
and alice's dreams of descent

this is a mix between a dream i had the other night and a creative journey i took while trying to go to sleep last night. sometimes these brain synapses send bolts of images to my brain. this particular image was of a girl bent in the shape you see here.....however she was surrounded and dressed all in white.

happy merry dreaming to you!!


  1. Love! Wishing your workshop was starting today!!!!

  2. Hi Mindy! I so love when dreams and words and art all intermingle in new and exciting ways, then come out the other side with something completely brand new and unique.... love this!!!

  3. I love the colors/designs in her dress. Did you remember your dream or do you journal it upon waking?
    Also, I'm seriously contemplating taking your workshop~even though I don't paint...I figure this is a chance to give it a whirl...

  4. This piece is absolutely brilliant. Way to follow your vision.

  5. To Ellery: I am a fellow artist/friend of Mindy. I met her At Artfest 2011 and then had the honor of spending time with her both at my home and a vacation home....all this to say, I have watched her work, listened to her talk and seen her creativity. Mindy is amazing. You will learn so much and will come away from any workshop or class taught by her feeling like you have touched pure, true creativity. Whether you are a beginner or long time artist, there is much to learn from Mindy. Jump in!

  6. everything about this ......

    I LOVE.


  7. such interesting colors and shapes!

    happy new year! may you find many things that you do not yet know you were seeking!

  8. thank you all so much for your beautiful comments.

    yes, ellery....its perfect for folks who are beginners. would LOVE for you to join in on the fun.

    sometimes i get up and write and draw when i have these journey's but i was simply too exhausted and keep going over the journey in my mind and the next day i wrote it down.
    the dream i did remember because it was so crushing. i felt the small door. i have been having these recurring dreams of crawling through small places and not being able to fit.

  9. there is gold in these rainbow words + picture of yours.
    LOVE. xox

  10. how lovely that your dream inspired you, both in words and this lovely and tender painting. lovely 2012 to you.

  11. This painting is simply beautiful, such a lovely dream! :]

  12. oh oh oh mindy, i love this painting so hard. and your words, truly magical <3

  13. I love this too Mindy - the poem and the dream and painting. You are so talented and so fearless. My friends Jenny and Kym met you at PLAY and fell in love with your spirit and your art - they bought two of your paintings! Wish i could come and take your class at Artfest (can't afford it at this time though).

    Love, Violette


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