Monday, January 2, 2012

Paintings of 2011 and My word

a sampling of my 2011 paintings.

2012 is here!
what possibilities will this year pose.....?
what adventures will i travel down.....?
what connections will i make.....?
and which ones will i be able to connect with again.....?

there is so much to love, so much to see
so much to ponder
and so much to seek

my word for the year is: SEEK

for me, this word has taught me to not give up. In its verb form, it is hopeful. seek is to be active. it is doing, and doing again. belief in that answer lives, yet not knowing is scary territory. to be willing to seek and ponder. to put the body in motion. this is where my soul resides.


  1. Excellent word! xoxo So excited for all your new endeavors!

  2. I just love your work and can't wait for your workshop!

  3. oh good one...SEEK. :) Happy New Year, dearest Mindy! I hope this year is everything you imagine it to be - and more! Look at that wall of amazing artwork that you created in 2011...and that is just a sampling?! of course it is. :) Have to say that I love your new blog banner and of course your new endeavor into scents - way to go. you're rocking it - for realz. luv u and can't wait to see you. K8 ....oh word for 2012: DELIGHT :)

  4. Happy New Year Mindy, fabulous to see all those art pieces together like that!!

    Seek is a great word and I think if i'd of had a word last year that would have been mine.

    Mine this year is Nurture :o)

    Love and hugs

    Micki x

  5.'s amazing to see all your work together like that! It's all so beautiful and dreamy. Excellent word, too. I am in "seek" mode myself, wondering what 2012 will bring for my art. I love you, sister! xoxo

  6. what a perfect word for you. when i think of you i always love the adventurer in you. seek. perfect.

  7. Your work looks great in a collage like that! I think seek is a great word. I personally set New Year's Intentions, I've never done a word before, but I might have to try this year! I like the idea of a mantra.

  8. i agree with our sister Kelly .... SEEK. yes... YOU

    perfect word .... and i hope you seek your way to seeing me in 2012!!


  9. Oh Mindy!!! Your paintings look so GORG all together. LOVE it!!! SEEK is a BEAUTIFUL word and I just know you are going to be doing some serious seeking this year! So glad that I will be able to SEEK with you as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR my dearest friend. I`m looking so forward to sharing all the future milestones with you. LOVE YOU HEAPS! D xoxo


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