Monday, January 16, 2012

Studio Tour

hello, happy monday! so i'm getting into a groovy groove with filming and editing video for the upcoming e-course. 
I kinda like when my studio gets messy. I think its probably the best time to document with photos. Things scattered about. a paul cezzane eraser mingling with the pastels. sometimes the mess is a beautiful thing. i watched a documentary about francis bacon and he took the cameras and interviewer into his studio. it was an absolute whirlwind of oil paint, old rags, piles upon piles. i'm not totally sure that piles of oily rags is quite safe but there was a form of beauty in his studio. he said something to the effect that a messy studio is the sign of a prolific artist. i agree.....(but sometimes i gotta tidy up a bit to get my bearings in order) if you get a chance to watch the documentary i can tell you you will find it interesting. he takes you on this wild tour of the restaurants and bars he used to frequent. very eccentric and just down right cool!!

so here is a tour of my messy studio:

 background awaiting more paint
on the easel
 inspiration board

 where's paul?

  background ready to be finished, on my easel


  1. oh my...i loved this little tour.

  2. Love your blog even though I can't seem to find the follow button! Love your images...I am a mess maker when I create too...and when I see messy studios or desks it just makes me want to make a mess or play with their supplies! :)

  3. Seeing where other artists create their magic is soooo fun! Thank you for the tour!

  4. Love the peek into your studio!! I hope you'll more peeks in the future =-)

  5. Very cool shots! I am so excited about your course. Crazy excited really!!!

  6. I'm sure my studio is WAY messier than yours (pack-rat syndrome)! LOL I loved seeing the colors of all the supplies you use mingled together. You are so creative and amazing. Love you, girl!!! xoxo

  7. I love these glimpses into your studio! I don't know how I missed the original announcement about your e-course, but I'm so excited! I've invited three local mixed-media friends to join with me, so hopefully we can all do it together! xoxo

  8. I was lucky to purchase one or your little originals at ArtFest last year...and now am seeing you will be teaching there and online....looks like fun.

  9. I love getting a peek into your studio space. So beautiful and filled with creative energy.

  10. I love your colorful messy studio. I don't have a studio yet so use the front room and have to tidy up every evening. Bah humbug! You are an inspiration darling


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