Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Imperfect PLAY

Play - print available here

I have been finally reading Julia Cameron's, "The Artist's Way". I don't really know why I put it off for so long. Maybe I presumed to know what it was about. Maybe I thought she'd whip my butt into shape and I wasn't ready for that. Whatever my reason, was there standing in my way. This year, for me, has been all about letting things emerge by being still. By letting my imperfectness just be. To go through life at an unhurried enjoy the process of life like I enjoy the process of painting. I'll admit the being still and unhurried pace is a real struggle for me. But Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and assured me that if you take the this path of expending the least amount of effort the universe will work in ways that will not only surprise you but you will actually get MORE things done. To not Force let them evolve naturally and just in time as they always have.

So I've been writing my morning pages for 4 days and a bit of a poem emerged on the 2nd day. 

imperfect play 

feeling in the moment, expanding
fingertips out to reach, but slip
in their thoughts of perfection.
so where do they hold on to next?

its that middle ground where imperfections play
where mistakes frolic, and where true love resides
its where a scrape on the knee results from
playing so hard and forgetting the rule of gravity

it is this magical realm 
where i don't have  to be 
perfect or accepted. 
to just play....acting silly
and being so uniquely me, 
i don't have to compete with
the other kids.
 there is no competition in this magic place
only individuals connected as one.



  1. love the artist's way. the morning pages and accompanying workbook helped me work through some stuff several years ago. then i stopped, a few weeks in. thanks for sharing your poem and the reminder that i've still got those books ;)

  2. Just allowing ourselves to "BE" is so hard sometimes... there are always so many other things that "need" doing... love your painting. Your artwork always makes me smile :)

  3. Sometimes it takes us a while to become truly still, but once you get there and begin to create, you become brave, unafraid and can create magically.
    I love the Artists Way, it's almost as though she is reminding us of what we, as artists, have know all along. We just needed a little reminder.

    Rachelle x

  4. Such a beautiful and truly touching poem which I can relate to in so many ways. I feel so rushed lately that I'm forgetting to just enjoy the process! Take care chickie, you are doing awesome!

  5. Lovely, calming post. I had gone through the Artist's Way a few years ago after letting it lay in wait for whatever reason also. I can truly say that book was a life-changer...especially the practice of morning pages. Reading Walking in this World now...wisdom, page after page. Thanks for posting! I love your writing and your art!

  6. I was reading, "the Artists Way" and was in a FB group for it, but as others started to drop out and some were ahead or too far behind inevitably the whole group ceased to exist and without the support of the group I to stopped ... but the 4 chapters I read I loved. I think there is much goodness in there ... I need to get back on the bandwagon. I love what you wrote and I love your painting :)

  7. thank you for sharing these words. love the way you see the world and how you teach me with your open heart. xo

  8. Hi Mindy, The Artist's Way was such a HUGE catalyst in my life - truly, it has not been the same since. 10 years ago now - still doing morning pages, tho I am not strict about the "rules"!
    You may be surprised at where it takes you!!

  9. Your poem is beautiful!
    Perfectly imperfect,
    Like life,
    Like me.
    But full of Hope
    That there's a place,
    Full of love,
    To just..... be

    Sue Carey

  10. I love this book and I have not finished it yet. It is a beautiful journey~ Thanks for being you!

  11. Such a lovely painting, it brings a smile on my face!


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