Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neat Stuff - journaling class is open for Registration

Neat Stuff: a nostalgic journaling adventure
 is OPEN for Registration!

I’m so ready to hit the ground running on our journals. My wish for you and this class is to discover something inside of you that may have been lying dormant for a while. Some creative energy that is aching to get out. I want our journals to be a safe place to experiment and make mistakes in. As well as a resting place for the words that we write by telling more of the story behind the art that is YOU! To be so uniquely you that there be no need for comparison.
Your journal is ALIVE, evolving and growing with each day. It becomes a chalise for your soul......shining bright and emerging into that which is so uniquely you.

We are going to make stamps, paint a realistic face, paint figures, design words, write from the heart, and sketch tokens. All these elements will build up gradually to add to your journal. 
Come join in on the brightly colored fun!!


  1. this looks super cool! I think i might have to try this. Thanks for having the classroom open so long! :)

  2. Hey sweet lady! I really REALLY want to take this class but my summer is nuts! Will you be offering this as a self-paced in the fall? :)))))


  3. This class looks so wonderful! Hoping I can fit it into the budget very soon!
    (the little pink studio)


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