Friday, June 1, 2012

Paint Your Story - student work

I'm so in awe of my student's work in my Paint Your Story online class. Discoveries were made and just absolute FUN commenced.....and the work is still trickling in over on the Facebook page. I'm so blessed to have this amazing group of supportive women, who show up and support their fellow classmates. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

here is some of the stunning work by my students:

Tracy Morgan Whichard

 Carissa Paige

Lisa Towery

Nadine Pinkley Smith

Dana Loffland

Lynda Malachesky Metcalf

 Stephanie Shelton Goodin

Susie Lafond

And this piece below, by Sue Carey just sums up the whole experience of this class and the beautiful people I had the blessing to teach. We are all one. Connected. Much love to all of you. For showing up with an open heart and a spirit that Shines all over the World.

 by Sue Carey

You can still sign up for the self-paced class here ......
and create your own Story!!


  1. Thank YOU Mindy for reminding me that it's okay to make mistakes because there are no mistakes! That just because I don't like something, it doesn't mean I have to give up. And that letting go means the real me will still shine through... no matter what! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for posting my painting on your blog. Your class and the methods you teach really clicked with me. It helped me be free with how I create and I can't stop thinking about creating. I am having so much fun! I am so grateful for this close and happy I was smart enough to sign up. Thanks for creating such a wonderful course! Can't wait until the next one :).

  3. Wow, wow, wow, some fantastic work going here....and a couple of ladies that know and love their work...Heidi and Julie...:) I've got so much going on at the mo but would love to join in...maybe later... x

  4. Thank you Mindy! It has been magical... I'm still working on playing catch fun! I love all the joy you shared with us and layers of inspiration. I love releasing my young inner artist~

    Gorgeous class work! I can't wait to post a completed piece of art~

    Thank you for all you do! @>----

  5. It has been a great class and great inspiration & lots of cheerleading from classmates! Can't wait for your next class!

  6. Ahhhh! They are so so fantastic!! So so FUN!! Gosh It is so hard to choose a favorite! All of them make me smile BIG!! :)


    xo Jenny Holiday

  7. oooh Thank you so much Mindy !! You re a marvellous person.. you know that ??
    It's been a real pleasure to spend these last weeks with you.. your workshop is really great.. It gaves me a lot..
    Once again thank you :)


    Glycérine.. (Pascale Richel Hutt)

  8. These paintings are just beautiful. I love finding inspiring women in the world.

  9. So fun to see all of our work here! I have had great fun creating and hope to explore more characters as time goes on. :)

  10. Oh how utterly cool Mindy. Thank you so much for sharing our work on your blog. You just made my day and night and week-end. I loved everything about the class, the group of gals and you ROCK as the leader of the band of quirky and sweet characters we've all been working on. Big Puffy Heart Love to you.

  11. how ABSOLUTELY fun and lovely to see all these, from your students, mindy! xo

  12. It was brilliant to be part of such a amazing and creative group. You helped me reach my 7 year old self and i got so much joy and freedom from this, I had never painted before and now i can't stop painting.
    Your a special person Mindy and its been magical xxx

  13. These are wonderful!
    I love them all!

  14. Wow Mindy,
    Thank you for this greatest affirmation of ALL!
    To see my little piece in this collection of such talented Artists has given me a huge boost!
    I am so thrilled that I began this awesome adventure with you, and I look forward to continuing it with the support of some awesome friends that I have made!
    Big hugs to you Mindy, for bringing us altogether, forever grateful, Sue Carey xx <3 xx

  15. It was a special group of women who dug deep & reached out, were willing to be open & raw & real. Thank you to everyone involved. Love to you, Mindy.

  16. This was a great class to take and such a supportive group of people which is awesome to be part of - I'm just getting to the end of a piece and its taken me a while to find that 7 year old (well its a few years back now!) but she's still there and its thanks to the whole experience I'm finding her....thank you!!

  17. wow! Those are some talented students! Must be a great class!

  18. Mindy I just finished doing the course (better late than never). I so enjoyed it and can't believe how much I am loving painting! Your method of teaching makes students feel successful. Thank you! The other student work is gorgeous!

  19. WOW. thanks for being you and sharing and teaching this class. it was amazing to see some well accomplished and some new bright shining stars all create in their very own way, some beautifully inspired works <3


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