Thursday, March 7, 2013

journey to beginning

Journey to a place of wholeness...... of beauty and wonder.
That place is right in front of you among the plain and mundane.
It lies in the ritual of normal.
Gazing up, your wonder sparkled by the sun
just caught the glimpse of a hawk in flight.
Its shadow races over your being.
It begs out for your praise, silently.

To behold such magic, we can achieve enlightenment
and the very reason we live.
We pull an orange from the tree for the first time and
know the sweetness of the citrus air.
The salt moves in slightly on your nose.
And you taste the embrace of the sea from afar.
I'm guessing not many miles from here, the blue
meets blue.
Calling out her majesty, the moon looms high in the sky.
this is the joy of beginning.
This is time standing still.
There is nothing else.
From the beginning was where MAGIC was birthed

dedicated to my sister-friend Carissa Paige. I love you with all my being. Watching hawks. Witnessing the marsh. Bamboo. Heidi. DJ and beer tears. You are my fairy. Showing me the magic. This is just the beginning.

Eat from the Juicy Orange Trees - original 
available here


  1. **Love your colors...The pink are awesome!**

  2. I love you so much.... Words can't even begin to ground all the magic and joy and tears.

    Just PURE(((Energetic Waves of BLISS)))


  3. Another nice, sweet and loveley painting. Love youre style alott. Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  4. Beautiful words and just wonderful drawing!

  5. Love love love your drawing! The simplicity and beauty and magic of that drawing really lifted my spirits! <3

  6. Beautiful! Love the visions swirling in my mind....and the art before my eyes :)


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