Saturday, March 17, 2018

15% shop sale going on this weekend

As a thank you for following me here on my blog, please head over to my shop where you can save 15% on almost everything. (the only exception are upcoming classes and Create Your Own classes)

Next shop update will be on Tuesday with a few tins, tags, and originals.
thanks again for following me here on my blog. 

I am still scheduling posts on my instagram but feel my energy around my creativity needs boundaries and have decided to revitalize my blog and will doing more updates here. 
Since my instagram break this week, my productivity has increased dramatically and there is a certain calm in my mind around trying to stay informed with comments, likes, and all that crazy stuff. LOL!

So I'm going back to the dark ages of blogging and hope you'll continue to follow me here.

I remember back in 2007 when I first started on etsy, where flickr and blogging where the go to ways of following an artist. And to be honest, I miss those times. I no longer want that feeling of "staying in the know" or those comparison gremlins. I am concentrating on staying focused on my path and art journey.

Happy Saturday!!

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