Thursday, March 1, 2018

Joining Forces

Meet my new business partner, my husband Tim.....! He is retiring from his job (of nearly 20 years) and we are teaming up in the world of art. Tim will begin by first handling my etsy shop and all the aspects revolving around that. And lucky me, he is an accountant!! He got his CPA out of college in 1997 and has been handling my accounting since I became self employed in 2008. He will continue to focus on all things taxes and numbers. thank goodness, I am no good at that (and don't enjoy it either...hahah!)

So this dream has been bubbling for about 6 years. We at first kinda just joked around and dreaming out loud of working together. Then it started to become apparent these last couple years (and through a lot of prayer and trust in God) that we might be able to do this thing we've been dreaming about.

As you might imagine, there have been some fears and anxiety surrounding this leap of faith.......but we are going for it!! I am in no doubt that it will be hard as we transition on working together every day. I am in no doubt that the enemy/negativity/gremlins will come knocking and tell me we can't do it. He/It has already tried. But I know what that sounds like. And I know what my Father thinks. And He is behind us.

Thanks for all your support. Tim and I can't wait to work with you more and more this year! Lots of fun, creativity is overflowing and we can't wait to bring you more content via online classes, more original artwork and lots of other goodies that are in the works right now.

We are so blessed and grateful for this opportunity!

Here's to lots of ball playing, poodle walks, spontaneous Disney trips, sleeping past 5:45 am, eating better, more sunshine, more togetherness, creative collaborations, during the week matinees, more naps, and a whole lot less stress!

Welcome Tim !! (the best poodle Dad in the whole world.)

To celebrate, we are offering 35% off self work classes, enamel pins, collage sheets, 
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