Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dancer in my dreams

I have been painting these sweet dancer girls and have felt a renewed outpouring of creative energy. I woke up this morning with these girls on my mind and I can't wait to get into the studio to play some more. I have this girl in progress. so far only using gesso (for texture) and sprays to enhance and meander into the crevices of those beautiful textures.

I have a smaller dancer in my shop. Her name is Frilly.

I have been loving experimenting with watercolor and then (once dry) chalk pastel with detail accents.

Watercolors are from Designs by Rachel Beth 
and then tanager by Pfeifer art supply
and a gorgeous color from limn watercolors called Caput Mortuum (this color is absolutely gorgeous!! it granulates beautifully into the paper and is the brown color you see. I use it in the hair/eyes, and here I've painted around the little flowers. so gorgeous!)

and book PRE-sale is coming soon!


  1. Mindy—these are lovely! I've never used gesso and I'm unfamiliar with the way most paint responds to canvas (I've used mostly watercolor). Will you be making a class about this style, or is there a good one already? Thanks!

    1. hi Linda! yes, I'll be announcing a new offering called Frilly Dancer very soon! and it is all about layering gesso with watercolor, chalk pastels and ink sprays.... :-)

    2. Yahoo! Oh...I ordered my first pouches I made! I’ll keep you posted ��


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