Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Book coming soon!! Pre-sale in my shop!

I am super excited to announce my 7th book!! This little book is 6x9" and is chock-full of fun inspirational tutorials like:

  1. draw and paint a girl (if you have my draw and paint a girl card deck, this is the same)
  2. Face shapes for different ages
  3. Eye focus with video access
  4. Blurred Edges
  5. Disney Journal
  6. Color these pages
  7. Draw your favorite treats

*if you take all of my online classes, you may see some tutorials that look familiar. but I thought it'd be fun to have them all in one place!!

Will come to you signed.

64 pages of fun tutorials, coloring pages, and video access to an Eye focus video. 

I will also be ordering my very first book, Wild Surrender that I created 5 years ago for the shop. These will come signed as well !

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