Monday, April 23, 2018

Fairy GodMother!

We are just back from Florida and WDW and I just had to share my experience with the stunning Fairy GodMother...!! For some reason, I have always been nervous to meet characters that can speak back to you (i.e. not wearing a mask). So I never really met any of those. silly I know! But I just adore FGM and my dear friend Trista had gifted me these beautiful FGM ears and I knew that I must meet her. I told my husband I was so nervous but as soon as she opened up her arms and welcomed me with the best hug in the world, my nervousness fell away. I think that's what Fairy godmothers do, they make you feel like the prettiest, most loved person in the world. And she did! Here are some pics from my conversation.
And I just had to journal about it. I wanted to capture every word she said to me inside so I wouldn't forget!

I got 3 total hugs!!

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