Thursday, October 24, 2019

Holidays are a comin'

As it nears the end of October, it quickly reminds me that the holidays are upon us. As artists, it takes prep work and deciding what our Christmas crafts and journaling will look like. If you are in that mode (as I am), then I want to give your Arting some direction. I am offering my two past Christmas classes at HALF off!! Goodie Gumdrops is a travel journal class and Nutcracker dreams is a mixed media journal class. Think of Gumdrops as more small and portable (easy to take with you wherever you go. making lists and jotting down ideas as you prepare for the Christmas season.) And Nutcracker dreams is full on art journaling at its best.....inspired by the Nutcracker disney movie that came out last year.....full of lush scenery and sugarplums!

Originally $ they are $32.50 each. This price is good through Monday, November 4th.

Goodie Gumdrops - now only $32.50

Nutcracker Dreams - now only $32.50

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