Wednesday, October 30, 2019

SPOOKY faces using tombow

I have really been enjoying playing with the Tombow dual brush markers and wanted to create a cute Spooky video and tutorial for you guys. I love the versatility and how creative you can get with these markers. If you love watercolor, you will love this markers. And if you love detail work, you can get very detailed. I love a mix of both. Watery blobs and then add detail on top!

Here is a video of the process as well:

The first thing to do is color some circles/blobs with the markers. I chose some fun Halloween inspired colors. See colors below.

Then I used a watercolor brush and added water to activate the color. You can reshape and edit as you go to follow where inspiration takes you. I wasn't sure what the faces were going to be initially (except for the witch).

I then added some detail lettering to the bottom of the page. I love adding "Tim Burton style" curls to the letters to give it a creepy touch.

I used a white gel pen to add in some tiny highlights and details

And here it is all finished!

here are the colors: 679, 603, 977, 873, N35, 158, 993, N57
You can order them individually over on Dick Blick

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