Thursday, October 31, 2019

Drawing a girl with Tombow markers and pencils

Simple Face using tombow markers and colored pencils

Today I wanted to share a simple girl and bird drawing using the Tombow Dual brush markers and the sepia colored pencil set. I love the combination of the smooth markers mixed with the yummy texture of the colored pencil.

Step-by-step process

I first started sketching out the face. 
Think circle on top of a triangle

Then I drew a cute bird. Super easy circle and triangles again!
The body is a triangle and so is the tall.

I drew the eyes in with the burnt orange pencil....with a dot and a rainbow shape over the dot. 

here is a short video of me working and building up color with colored pencil for the eyes and the sides of the face.

I took the reddish pencil and colored in the nose and lips.

I then, drew in some hair using the black, red, and orange pencil

I used a pastel purple tombow marker to build some depth near the eye area. Cool colors tend to make things recede into space so this allows for some rich dimension.

I then used a blending stump to smooth out the marks.

I used the coral tombow around the sides of the face and activated with water.
I did the same for the birdie.

here she is simple and sweet!

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