Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bitty Baby Animals online mini class

Bitty Baby Animals

Come with me on this mini class journey and learn how to create sweet Baby animals using a simple composition, colors, and style. I'll show you how to lay down color for a striking, rich background. We will layer on top with gesso to create a placeholder for our animals. We will be exploring and sketching in our journals beforehand to work on shapes and to decide what animals we want to create.
the details
  • $39
  • 5 lessons - sketchbook lesson and 4 animal lessons (piglet, elephant, Bitty baby-corn and giraffe)
  • Guest Artist Sylwia Gryczuk at @tandiart
  • color choices and background work
  • i'll talk you through each step....i'm pretty chatty in these videos (I hope you love my southern
  • class begins April 10th, 2017

Guest artist - Sylwia of +TandiArt will be creating this stunning Momma and baby Bear dream catcher!

Supply list:

paint colors:
  • any colors you love: don't feel like you have to use the exact color (except for quin. nickel azo gold. that color is a must-have for all my classes)
  • quin. nickel azo gold (this is really the only color that has no substitutions and what I would consider a must have color)
  • blick matte acrylics - green blue light
  • golden matte - titanium white, paynes gray
  • artist's loft - orange (any orange is fine)
  • target colors: seaweed, morning mist, leaf (all of these are interchangeable)
  • ceramcoat - salmon

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating my 10 year ETSY-versary!!

March marks my 10 year anniversary of selling my art. I remember, seeing that someone had this thing called an "etsy shop" over on the Art Chix studio website (a place for beautiful collage sheets). I had no idea that there was a dedicated website for everything handmade where you could sell your art. I immediately clicked on the link and it literally changed my life. I knew that I wanted to get started right away with selling my art but the thing is, I didn't know what the heck I was (of course I didn't know that then....)

Here are some interesting facts about me and my etsy journey:

  • it took me 3 months before I sold a single thing on etsy.
  • my first sale was a penguin made with oil pastels
  • my third sale was from my mom
  • I didn't have a social media presence back in 2007 (was it even a thing back then?) no blog, no instagram, no FB, zilch, nada....
  • I was a makeup artist and art student at UALR when I first began selling on line.
  • Later in 2009, Etsy featured me in their "Quit your day Job"series
  • In March 2010, I was featured seller on Etsy. (kind of a big deal back was a crazy, fun whirlwind!!)
Here is some of my first faces that I sold:

To celebrate my 10 years, I am having a big sale in my shop
Just enter code at checkout: BIG10ETSY to save 40% on self-paced classes, prints and select originals. Coupon is good through Monday, March 13th.

dolls by Simplijessi and Boopsy Daisy. 
(paintings behind me, mine)

I was on the cover of Somerset Studio in 2010!!!

My advice for others looking to sell their art online:
  • begin! this is the hardest part because it seems so overwhelming with all the steps involved
  • list 1 item a day in your shop. by the time a week is up, your shop is filled with beautiful art
  • of course the item above means that you'll need to paint often. I try to paint everyday to keep the muscle memory strong. if you don't paint for a week, some of the muscle memory can be lost (at least it is for me)
  • don't wait till you have a social media presence, (yes I think things have changed since the early days of etsy and you will probably need to begin thinking of instagram and Facebook but don't let it stop you from beginning)
  • list often and refresh your shop with new art

Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Watercolor Journal - online class

Join me as we journey into watercolor. I have always wanted to LOVE watercolor but I just couldn't get comfortable with the medium. I decided in December 2016 to spend every day doing something in watercolor even if it was just a small paint sketch. Well, it was just what I needed! I began to fall in LOVE with watercolor. I knew that I must not study the "correct" ways of using watercolor but to explore and find out what this medium is all about on my own. (and to use it in a way that speaks to my creative process).
We will be creating our own watercolor journal to explore this beautiful medium. We will let go and work intuitively and in a simplified "non-intimidating" way. I want to bring watercolor you they way I've brought other mediums.... so that it is accessible. so that you don't have to spend 10 years learning something and following all the "rules". Let's just jump in and have fun. If you are looking for a class that is the "collegiate" classroom style watercolor that follows all the fussy rules, then this may not be for you. I don't like fussy....and I don't like if you are ready let's forge ahead into play, fun, and letting loose with watercolor!
The class will be set up this way:
  • class begins February 27th
  • 5 weeks of class 
  • two to three lessons each week working in our journals or on loose paper
  • Price: $79

Tentative supply list: (some things may be added later)
For making your journal:
binding needle -(this one is the blunt that i like) You can also find regular bookbinding needles on etsy.
small 1.25" bulldog clips (for holding your journal open) - grab about 4
You could also just purchase a watercolor journal. I like the strathmore 400 series
watercolors - any sets are fine but I'll be using Prima palettes:
caran d'ache - neocolor ii's set of 10 or 15 will be great
spray bottle - for wetting watercolors
sharpie water-based white paint pen - fine point and extra fine point

watercolor pencils
intuitive approach to watercolor

Here are some examples of watercolor that we may touch on (these are not exact projects in the class):