Saturday, September 24, 2011

DisneyLand trip and the fairest of them all!!!

Thursday night we arrived back home from our LA trip to DisneyLand and the Tim Burton exhibit at Lacma. 
We normally go to Disney World every year this time to hit EPCOT's food and wine festival and to see all the amazing Halloween decor. But the Land did NOT disappoint! here are some photos of the trip. if you follow me on may have seen these photos.
when we check into our hotel....we open the curtains to this spectacular view.
view of Disney's Califonia Adventure park
we watched the world of Color show from our
window the first night.

the first full day, we visit laguna beach.
a cool, foggy morning but still so breathtaking
(and on this trip Tim and I celebrated our 15th wedding
anniversary. time sure flies!)

 when we are strolling through Downtown Disney, we
spot these darling Jack carmel apples being made.

This is the Tim Burton exhibit entrance. this was the
only thing we were able to take photos of.
the exhibit was AWESOME....chock full of Tim's
concept drawings, paintings, little scribbles and some
neat stuff like things he'd written in high school and a funny
letter to Johnny Depp.
 famous light post sculpture at Lacma entrance
 Pier at Disney's California Adventure Park

 Tim and I both did the Disney's Animation Academy class
at California park. of course i had to do my own little
tinker bell drawing off to the side.

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle

OMG.....the haunted mansion is all decorated up for Halloween!!!
Jack Skellington greets you atop the entrance. we rode it 3 times
a VAST improvement of the normal mansion. they pulled out ALL the stops.
new vincent price track as you go through the mansion,
lots of snow, presents, and candy canes. 
so this is when you sit in your buggy. all blacklit and breathtaking.
this is a must see times 3!!!

a few weeks ago, i received an order from none other than
Ginnifer Goodwin for this snow white painting!!! I even mailed it
to the "Once upon a time" set that is going to air on abc 
next month. oct 23rd i believe. 

 I also sent her this pendant so that she could carry her
painting around with her. She has since emailed me
wondering about a Prince Charming painting. and of course
i did another ^squeal^ much fun. i love doing disney characters
and to do them for these actors has me really blushing. (and doing back flips!!)

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White


  1. that's so awesome! Ginnifer Goodwin is cool. congrats. you're famous! :-)

  2. oh sweet sister ...

    i LOVE every single thing in this post ...
    the pics, the fun, the smart Ginnifer Goodwin (she knows talent and awesomeness when she sees it!)

    so happy for you and congrats to 15 years!


  3. Looks like you had a FABULOUS time in LA and the special orders are GREAT! Congrats on the all the goodness =-)

  4. That is fabulous, you do such beautiful work!

  5. Way to Go ... Good for you! Love your work!

  6. I used to live 10 minutes from Disneyland...we had passes and could go in for a few hours at a time...

    I miss being able to do that this time of year :(
    Isn't the Nightmare Mansion just sooo cool!? How amazing to see the Tim Burton exhibit!

    ...and a commission from Ginnifer Goodwin?! OMG!

  7. The trip sounds great!! I wish I could have gone to see the Tim Burton exhibit. I swear...I'm going to try to get in on the mail art thing. If there were just more hours in the day...! I miss you, crazy girl! xoxo

  8. I wish I could of bottled up all those smiles!!! Congratulations to you and Tim :) I'm so happy for you that you had a chance to see this exhibit. You make me smile girl...from ear to ear and through the heart. Congrats on the HOLLYWOOD painting. That is WAY cool! xox

  9. And a fitting creation in all its beauty...So perfect...Congratulations! xDebi


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