Friday, September 23, 2011

Mail art love

I just returned from a trip to Anaheim and LA after visiting DisneyLand and the awesome Tim Burton exhibit. it was all so very inspiring!!

well i arrived home last night with a mailbox full of beautiful mail art!!! you guys,,,,,!! you are continuing to blow me away! yes indeed.....

here are the latest pieces:

 art by Tammy McGee
wow!! a little owl sculpture. so intricate and colorful
with matching tissue paper and darling little note.
you have totally outdone yourself dear girl!

 a closeup shot of the owl......precious!!

 mail art by Dani Harvey
oh these sweet,awesome bunnies. they make my heart go pitter.patter
and yes Dani, YOU ARE an ARTIST. go girl! 
this is beautiful work. I am so proud to be an owner of your work!

mail art by Sabrina Luna
I love that they are made on recycled materials.
just awesome textures and so much love put into these.
bravo sweet girl!

mail art by Sandra Granthon
what a beautiful girl atc....and such words to live by..."my mind danced with great spirit"
and i adore the cupcake envelope. just absolutely stunning dear girl!

mail art earrings by Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake
the packaging, the note, the box, the earrings.....
my heart just skipped a beat...!!! such eye candy.
thank you dear girl.

Mail art by MaryAnn McNicholas
I love the girls and the beautiful textures and colors.
great job MaryAnn!!

 mail art by Sunshine Barlowe
I LOVE love birds and these yellows and aquas
combined with soft grays are to die for!! awesome

Thanks again for another beautiful mailbox filled with art!!!
I will send out my mail art to Sandra, Tammy, Dani, MaryAnn, and Sabrina in a few short days.


  1. Hi Mindy,

    Hope you post more about your trip and the exhibit. I am FINALLY able to post.:) I haven't been able to leave comments....something about cookies and not the eating kind.:) Every time I see your art I see you growing so so much!! I love that your art is reaching out into the world in such big ways....kudos on your workshop!!! AND also reaching out the old fashioned way via snail fun..I would love to send you something but I wasn't sure if the art must be on an envelope..or is it inside the envelope or both??? Sorry for the confusion.:) hugs, Amy

  2. amy, hey sweet girl. yeah, you can do anything you want. paint envelope or not....send a postcard only. its up to you. if you go back a few blog posts you will see the details of and how to participate. basically its easy....just do anything you want and be yourself.... :-)

  3. ahhh!! I'm so glad the mail art arrived safe. I had the big bright idea to create my own envelope but, it was kind of a mess.. but, I was digging it at the same time..
    Thanks for doing this. Mucho Fun. xo-

  4. Mindy, so excited to see you received my mail art...first time i have submitted my art to anything. i actually screamed out loud :)

    also, congratulations on the sale to ginnefer goodwin!!! can't wait to receive your mail art. take care, mary ann

  5. mindy,

    so freakin excited to see that you received my mail art - and posted a picture of it!!!!! first time i have participated in anything through a blog...i actually screamed out loud. thank you for making my weeekend. can't wait to receive your mail art.

    also wanted to say congrats on your sale to ginnifer goodwin.

    take care, mary ann


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