Friday, September 16, 2011

MAIL Art monday comes early!

Mail art monday has come early......because i am leaving town on sunday morning headed for DisneyLand and to see the Tim Burton exhibit. i know that i will come back all inspired and ready to paint again....

my mailbox has been so so happy you guys.....and SO HAVE i!!! i am still being blown away at the creativity and beautiful art that has graced the old tattered mailbox lately (the mailbox door has broken off...yikes)

you guys have out done yourselves again!!! (and no, complaints from me)

here are last weeks gatherings:

mail art by Tonya Turvold
I love the crimsons, browns, and pinks.
those little wings and face are so darn cute!!

Mail art by Jonna Barnett
oh how i love birds and he has truly captured my heart!!

 mail art by Susana Tavares
this stitched wonderfulness has textures 
abounding. absolutely stunning!

mail art by Linda Abbott
my heart goes pitter.patter over aquas and yellows
and these featured friends are going to send me over the edge!!
love. love.

Hey, did you guys notice a theme here......?!? birds and/or wings. so so amazing isn't it. the universe is saying something i think! 

Linda, your mail art is going out today....
and the other ladies, i believe you should all be getting or have yours very soon (they have been sent)


  1. Wonderful art, thank you for having this great idea :)

  2. wow!! Aren't you getting the coolest art! And thank you-mine from you came today! love my lil' moon! :0)

  3. gorgeous idea, gorgeous art! If only I had some more time ! x

  4. These are so delightful.
    Very inspiring "mail art project"! :]
    Count me in, will be working on something for you this week.
    So excited, thanks for the opportunity <3

  5. I am SO jealous! I didn't even know about the Tim Burton exhibit! Have a wonderful time....and then come to the cabin again so we can paint!!! xoxo I miss you!

  6. BEAUTIFUL mail art, hey I got one fabulous piece of art from much fun..
    And you are here, close by, my daughter went to see the Tim Burton exhibit, I am yet to go..quick before it ends...hope you had fantastic days here in Southern Cal..we could have met...

  7. Wow !!! Wonderful !!!

    My mailart left the Fance this weekend.
    I hope you enjoy !!!

    Greetings :-)


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