Wednesday, September 14, 2011

more mail art

Ok mailbox has been filled to the brim with beautiful art. I am so excited and thrilled with all the amazing art i'm getting. I decided to do another post because i have lots of art to feature here. so fun!!

love these warm colors 
mail art by Magda Polakow

gorgeous layers and imagery!!
 mail art by Katie Cisek
I love how Kathie just painted on a canvas
board and then just addressed the back....brilliant!!

awesome expressive mail art and painted envelope.
gorgeous textures and color!!

 stitched goodness - mail art by Kim Dubay
beautifully tactile and lots of yummy handwriting on the envelope.
just so lovely!!

i'm a huge fan! i love the pastel colors 
mixed with the "magic crown" in black.
mail art by Harmony Lenasbunt

Micki and Kim, i sent your mail art out to you yesterday so keep an eye out in your mailbox..... :-)

Magda and Katie, i will send yours out to you tomorrow.....

(and christy, i believe you already have yours.)

thanks so much ladies......!!! these pieces of art are so beautiful and inspiring. I am so proud and honored that you participated in this little project.
If you haven't sent yours in yet, do not fret......there is no cutoff time (as of yet). just know that i will be sending sporadically MY mail art back out to you in the month of October. I have a craft show, 2 retreats, and one local workshop that i'm doing all next month. i foresee my favorite month of the year will past fast.

here again is my mailing address:

Mindy Lacefield
123 Detonti Drive
Maumelle, AR  72113


  1. Hi!!!

    This is so cool!! I love your mail box.. you are the luckiest woman I know at this moment!

    I am sorry I must catch up on your blogs.. but please tell me... is this art exchange? You will send me your art if I send you mine?!

    But I am horrible with art, the only reason I do it is because I enjoy it but I know Im a poor artist. Do you also reply to poor art?

    mubinster at gmail dot com

  2. yes mubin, it is an art exchange. if you send me something....once i receive it i will send you something back. and there is no poor art. just be yourself and no pressure or stress. i know i will love it!!

    thanks for your honest questions. send them on everyone. no need to have self doubt.

    so excited to see what you send!


  3. Oh so glad you got your little collage/painting--glad it made it through being mailed as a postcard! Weee! I look forward to seeing what you send. Have a great day!

  4. this is a great idea!!!! I will be sending you a little somethign very soon!! :) what's your address?

  5. ok i am in. I love painted and receiving! Will try and send you one soon!

  6. Wow. What a lucky girl you are Mindy. I think I will have to get in on this also. Kyles =D

  7. These are wonderful! I was so excited to see my friend, Micki's work in your mailbox, too!

    I'd love to send you something!
    Great idea, Mindy :D

  8. Wow you must have the happiest mailbox ever!!

    Everything is wonderful, I am so glad I took part, it has been fun to see all that you have received :)


  9. what heaven in your mailbox, mindy! oh my goodness! LOVE it all!! XOX

  10. Mindy..this ideas is awesome! For sure I will send you one of my works! Can it be a ceramic art?

  11. It all looks so fantastic! I so loved Mubin's comment....sweet and honest....and I'd bet her art is great!! I didn't realize you are doing an exchange, I'll try to get something done! I love you and I miss you! xoxo

  12. Wonderful art in your mail box :)
    I hope mine arrive soon

  13. Found my way to your doorstep and I am so gonna have to get in on this art exchange. Awesome. Nothing like spreadin' around the art love.

  14. This is a lovely idea! What beautiful treasures you've got there!
    Jess xx


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