Friday, September 25, 2020

Drawing, mental health, Patreon, and a new game


Rest until you feel like playing then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else. - Martha Beck

wow, when I read these words...... these are the words I wish I'd wrote. They are so what I needed and what I now know my goals need to look like. Granted I feel like when she mentions play, it points directly to working your dream job. All I do is play. Play is what I am good at. And when I'm not playing in paint, I am playing in other ways. Theme parks. a new game (more on that in a sec). playing with poodles. and the list goes on.  just gotta remember to rest. don't worry, i am the nap queen.

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“We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.” Bob Goff

After seeing all the stir for the animal crossings game, I decided to finally give in and get a Nintendo switch. My goal was to fill my "scrolling on instagram" time and turn it over to more play. I feel like my mental health has improved greatly. I still post my artwork....but the scroll time is basically gone. 

Nintendo also has a Mario game that reminds me of the old school Nintendo Mario that I played back in the late 80's. Many more boards and so much creativity. Sure I could spend every waking hour drawing and painting but I felt there needed to be some balance and I use that off time instagram scrolling anyways so why not replace it with something fun?!?

Comparison and "what everyone else is doing" is another issue with my mental health. I simply don't have it when I'm out of the scrolling mode.

Well, my thoughts on Animal crossing is that I wasn't sure when I started that I was going to like it. I didn't know how the world worked and what I was supposed to do. But then, I made a fishing rod and off I went fishing. It is so satisfying catching a fish. No. not just one kind of fish like I thought they would have but at the moment I have caught 4 different kinds of fish. Then I was able to buy a wet suit. Now I go swimming and can explore much more of the island. Well I could talk about it on and on. 

Well, I am off to be captivated with my purpose. To Play. happy playing to you!

Upcoming projects on Patreon!

glaze pen resist using tombow markers

Supply seeker project for October

We'll be creating Scarecrow Mickey in the Messy Inner Child tier for October.
Lots of content to keep you inspired!

Last note to mention is that I have to turn off commenting due to getting tons of spam comments on this blog. I am able to not publish and delete before anyone sees them but that takes daily energy that I'm choosing to let go. so my apologies about the comments.

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