Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Stay Curious

"When you are curious, fun has a way of showing up." - Curious George

Do you wonder what exactly to draw? Do you have problems choosing colors? (raising my hand over here!)

 It seems when I play and experiment with my markers and pencils, I end up loving it more than when I "planned" to make something. What happens when these colors are layered? What happens when color does something unexpected? Or a shape of a piece of paper becomes a boat or a planter.

Why not stay curious and not "try" so hard...? that is when I create magic. I'll show you how to create color combinations as well as reveal what I have been doing to gather reference and information during the process of creating.

Come stay curious with me!!

NOTE: This class is limited to only 35 students to keep the class small for the zoom parties. I want to be able to attend to questions and it feel more like an intimate retreat experience. I may offer this up as a replay later on this fall. stay tuned!!

******PATREON members get first chance of the limited class of 35 people

If there are any spots left after I announce to Patreon, then I will open it up to everyone else here. Announcement will go out to Patrons tomorrow Wednesday, September 30th.

Class begins October 5th with 9 videos as well as 2 zoom sessions.

We will also learn how to draw holding hands:

and how to go about editing/fixing areas that aren't working:

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