Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Patreon Palooza coming soon!!!


Mark your calendars for September 6-11! We have been working on an amazing collaborative event where me, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, Donna Downey, Gwenn Seemel, and Kae Pea are offering a virtual tour of our Patreon pages as well as free content for you!
If you've ever wondered how it all works and what it means to be a Patron, you'll want to join us for this Patreon Palooza. Or if you are an artist or maker that may be interested in offering content for your supporters.... please come join in on the fun!

I have my virtual tour up for you now. Please bookmark this page and follow me to check out next weeks free content. And if you decide to make a pledge to my patreon, you'll instantly gain access to almost a years worth of content from when I started back in October 2019.

Check out the other artists links above to see what they are cooking up and be sure and visit their pages next week for free stuff.

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