Monday, September 28, 2020

Laughs in Flowers

 The Earth Laughs in Flowers - Ralph Waldo Emerson

For the last couple of weeks, my focus for my art practice is to simply play and stay curious. These start out as simply playing with art supplies (mainly drawing stuff like Tombow markers and colored pencil). I activate the tombows after laying in some color with a water brush. Magic happens when I am not "trying to make something".

I have sort of developed a process now with these gathering reference photos, quotes, my favorite things, and things that inspire me.

At the moment, I am developing an online virtual retreat around these pieces. I will be announcing soon to my Patreon folks. This retreat will be really small with only 35 students to capture a more intimate retreat-like experience. (ps. if the class fills when I announce to Messy Inner Child Patreon patrons, I will most likely offer this as a self work later this fall)

The pic below is what we'll be created over 5 days and then we'll get together on zoom for the live/retreat portion.

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