Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Fried Rice illustration

The craving is real. Yak and Yeti and Disney's Animal kingdom has fried rice. (get the house with shrimp and chicken). After much mouth watering you see I am not a cook....but after watching Ratatouille again.... it urged me to at least try. Because, come on "Anyone can cook!" - Chef Gusteaux.

I googled Yak and Yeti fried rice and landed here. This blogger, Carrie obviously knows when the craving hits, ya gotta do somethin....and quick. Thankful for her recipe and easy instructions. Listen. I even put an egg in mine. I know, how do you even do that?! Well, not that hard apparently if you know what you're doing. (of which I didn't but the instruction was on point).

So my obsession with fried rice, spilled over into my journal. The ingredients and the Mary Blair inspired ice cream girl was in my mind as I created this. I wanted a childlike imperfection in my lettering. Try using your non-dominant hand and gouache on a brush. Believe me, it will guide you to a place where magic only lies in a different hand :-) Not too fussy. Not too "pretty" and certainly not beautiful, cursive, curly cue lettering. But it's definitely more me and fits my style much better.

So what have you been cooking lately?

What will you cook? Because "Anyone can cook". Even me.

Mary Blair inspiration:

thanks to Magic of Mary Blair via Pinterest

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