Monday, October 5, 2020

New collage sheets

 Dance your cares away. Worries for another day. Let the music play. Down in Fraggle Rock!  You got the song in your head now don't you. It's a good one to have stuck and a great way to start the week. My ritual as a kid used to be getting up early and watching Fraggle Rock during breakfast while waiting on the bus.

hey and happy Monday morning! Fall is here and it's absolutely my favorite time of year. 

I have been drawing and drawing and I feel my muscle memory expanding. I think when we gather references and draw from that, our vocabulary widens. And then after a while, you don't need to rely on using reference photos as much. Although, using photographs or google search for what a caterpillar looks like certainly strengthened the drawing of my caterpillar below. Does it look like the photo? A little bit. Not the face. Certainly not the face. I looked at color and how the curvature climbing a leaf. I wanted that much. But the face, I chose to keep childlike. I've been using mainly tombow markers, col-erase pencils, and regular colored pencils for these. Such a refreshing time in my life and art journey to only use a few materials. It doesn't take many supplies to create magic!

I think I'll start adding a bit more watercolor in for my new creations.

Out of these recent drawings and paintings I created two collage sheets that are available as a download in my Etsy Shop.

If you registered for Stay Curious then you'll receive the 2nd one with the girl in the hot air ballon as a freebie for class.

*please note, the collage sheets you purchase will NOT have the watermarks on them.

Dance your Cares Away - original 9x12 drawing

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