Tuesday, October 20, 2020

hopscotch happy


Hopscotch happy is a painting I created with my new Art Foamie Stamps. I love how you can change up the hair and add bodies. They are so easy to adapt and so versatile! The hopscotch is another stamp I designed taking us back to simpler times. I hope you are hopscotch happy today.

Lil Happy is inspired by Arai Ryoji. He is a Japanese artist I discovered recently through pinterest and for a while I was sure of his name. Then as I was searching on Hobonichi for a new notebook, I saw that he designed a cover and some folders and stuff. His stuff is so playful and childlike. Lots of childlike marks and scribbles. head over to pinterest to see some of his incredible work!

This is a journal spread I've been working on after being inspired by several different Japanese artists.

Coming up next month over on Patreon, we will be celebrating Japanese art by getting inspired by different artists creations. Mainly childlike and flat. Not necessarily anime style. more scribbly and raw. that is my favorite.


  1. Been a follower on Instagram for years; so glad to have visited your blog today! I will be reading through it backwards in the weeks to come. Today you mentioned the Hobonichi. I have purchased these in the past with good intentions- they are so sad inside. Blank except for the occasional note to myself. What supplies do you use in yours? I would love to see pictures! Also, how do you balance your hobonichi practice with all the other art you do? I find that because I have limited time I skip the hobonichi to spend time in other arty practices. Thanks!- Renee

    1. hey dear Renee! thank you for stopping by! I am in the same spot as you as far as the hobonichi daily dairy goes. I have been creating more in my journal so I'm hoping to keep one going. I did get one that is not dated. I'll definitely be posting pictures. We will see how the practice goes. I find myself spending time on canvas and other pieces just like you. (ps. it may be a bit before I post hobonicchi stuff because we are about to move and my order is on hold in Japan..... :-)

  2. I love this style. And EVERYONE should join your Patreon. So much fun!!


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