Saturday, October 10, 2020

Rejection, Pinterest rabbit hole, and new work

I have fallen down a rabbit-hole again on Pinterest. Sometimes it's a Mary Blair obsession that leads to other artists I've never discovered. The "more like this" is a lovely way to get lost in art that peaks your interest. 

The other day, I ran onto some Japanese artists work and have such admiration at the child-like quality to their work. It may look easy and "oh I can do that"....but I assure you it is not. Take a peek at my illustration Pinterest board and get ready. It's a fun, beautiful ride.

One of my favorite artists that I found is Tamagawa Sakura. (ps. I am not sure all these are Japanese artists but I found them through that Pinterest lead)

Not all of the artists can I find much out about them. I found one illustrator whose work is so amazing....perfectly childlike yet sophisticated. They have the most interesting looking picture books on Amazon Japan and I tried ordering and it stated that they aren't shipped to U.S.

Book worm boy is a journal page that is inspired by Mary Blair (more specifically her Up and Down book) and we'll be creating this piece on Patreon in November - Messy Inner Child $20 tier along with this cute girl inspired by a Japanese artist...

On another note, don't you just love a good rejection blog post?! I applied to be a brand ambassador for a wonderful art supply company and was sent a very kind rejection letter.  I don't know of anyone who likes to get rejection letters and the feeling that comes along with it. And can they accept everyone that applies? Of course not.

But if I stop for a minute and really absorb and embrace this rejection....then I think what else could be coming my way in the future. Could it be another opportunity? Something even more amazing? And then I get excited all over again. I love Wayne Dyer's quote about being fired from a job. Something like ....Congratulations on being fired, a better opportunity is headed your way.

So in sharing my bit of "bad news" so to speak, I want to shine a light on rejection. Rejection may be the best thing that ever happened to you/me. We always see the good news, right?! All the achievements and celebrations in picture form on instagram. I'm not gonna lie, I do this as well. But I wanted to share this rejection with you to remind you (and myself) that art doesn't come without its pain, rejection, and fear.....but to do it anyway is the power we all hold. To go ahead and keep making art if that gallery turns you down....if you don't win the art show competition....if you are turned down by a client or agent.

I wish I could list all my rejections here on this blog post, but it would be too boring and long so I will end it here. Thank you for reading and go out there and make art anyway.


  1. I’m so sorry about your rejection ... who could possibly reject you?! ;) I am a long time lover of your art and style, so I’m probably biased. Love that you’re posting more here on your blog!

  2. How could someone possibly reject you?! I’m a long time fan of you and your art, so maybe I’m a bit biased. ;) I love that you’re posting more here on your blog! :D


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